Maintenance Procedures Course (MPC)

All about what you need to do to satisfy the regulations and legislation if you intend to maintain your own aircraft. You need this course to be legal.

The course also includes a Weight & Balance module – a must have if you wish to conduct your own weight and balance.

This is an SAAA course that is only available to SAAA members. It will be run over the two days immediately prior to this year’s AusFly event at Narromine.

We encourage as many Members to attend this course at Narromine – it is great venue and there will be plenty of opportunity to review / discuss the course content and its application over the following days at the event.

  • Tues – Weds 16-17th October 2018
  • Via the SAAA website


MPC Trainers Forum:

We hope that as many MPC trainers as possible will also attend the event and create the opportunity for a MPC Trainers Forum. So if you are a MPC Trainer, please note your interest in attending such a forum with Peter Leonard, Mgr. Training, at