AusFly 2018 – 7 weeks to go!

AusFly 2018 is coming up fast – 7 weeks away! 18th – 21st October, kicking off with the arrival BBQ on the Thursday evening hosted by SAAA.

Friday will be a big day for seminars and workshops, which we expect to flow on into Saturday morning. And the flying will start on Saturday afternoon.

We hope to see as many aviators and industry supporters at AusFly 2018 as possible. This is a great opportunity to connect with fellow aviators and friends from around the country.

Many of you will have lengthy flights, especially those coming from WA and NT. There are groups already getting organised to fly in company – it all adds to the experience. If you haven’t thought of flying in a group – give it some thought and get together with some fellow aviators and make it happen! It’s fun!

And if you’ve got a spare seat or two or more in your aircraft – or car if you’re driving, why not invite your friends to come along for the ride and the experience?

The events don’t happen all by themselves, so we are looking for aviators to put their hands up to help out in some way – a few hours here and there goes a long way, and will be greatly appreciated!   We’ll need help with setting up and pull down, ground marshals, radio comms, the social activities and facilitating the seminars.  If you think you can help – let us know!

And please also let us know if you would like to participate in the flying and static displays.  If you want to participate in the flying display, we will need to know by no later than 28th September.  And we have almost 3o seminars vouched for so far, and we will soon be finalising the program – so again – let us know soonest if you want to talk about something!

For more info – check out the various pages on this site!

See you there!

The AusFly Team

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