AusFly - A Traditional Aussie Fly-in

22nd-23rd March 2024

Wentworth Aerodrome - NSW


AusFly 2019 – What a great event!

Ausfly 2019 has taken place and it was a great event with fantastic feedback from the attendees.  We had over 250 planes fly in and join us.

Dinner under the stars had 300 attendees and the atmosphere was relaxed and very upbeat, all aviators were catching up with each other and enjoying the event, which is what Ausfly is all about!

In our final post for the event, we would like to let you know who the winners of the various awards, prize draws.and silent auctions were. Thank you to all the sponsors and to everyone who took part.

The Dave Derbyshire Memorial Award was given to our very own president Tony White for his outstanding contribution to the SAAA.  An award truly well deserved.

The aircraft judging awards are as follows:

• Clive Canning best metal aircraft award went to Don Gordon for his Titan Mustang VH-KEB

• Best composite award went to Alan Mollenhauer for his Quickie 200 VH -ONQ

• John Liddell award for a Hybrid aircraft went to Rob and Jamie Dull for their Wittman Tailwind VH-TWQ

• Concors D’ Elegance which is the best of the previous three aircraft went to Alan Mollenhauer for his Q200 VH – ONQ

• Grand Champion award is given to an outstanding aircraft that has previously won one of the above awards and this year was awarded to Bob Barrow for his RV 7a VH-EFX

• The Henri Millicer award for technical innovation went to Garry Burns and Kevin Haydon for their Lancair 4 VH-LKG

• The President’s Award for an outstanding contribution to SAAA went to Norm Edmonds.

Awards below sponsored by AEROPHILIC AVIATION .

• The youngest pilot award went to Jack Ferguson aged 16 who arrived in a JAB 160 and wishes to join the airforce or the airlines,well done Jack!

• Longest distance travelled went to Greg and Barbara McFarlane from Albany WA.

• Longest nonstop flight award went to John Atkinson from Cairns QLD.

Oldest pilot award went to William (Bill) Keehner (life member) from WA.

The Silent Auction bids donated by our wonderful sponsors are as follows:

AV Plan donated 2 one year subscriptions and these were won by:
Stanley Hales and Greg Manzie

Manna Aviation donated a full set of plans for the Falcon Mini Hawk and this was won by Stephen Goulstone

SkyShop donated a 20LT collapsible fuel can and a flight outfitters IPAD kneeboard and these were won by James Fisher

Planning will begin soon for 2020.  Dates will be coming soon!