Seminars & Workshops

Provisional program content:

The world of glass and carbon experimental aircraft – did you know?
  • An illuminating overview of what can be achieved to produce sleek aircraft with stunning performance
Type transition training – what you really need to know
  • Many brush this step aside – find out why you should not, and how to go about keeping the odds in balance
The future of Australian General aviation
  • Find out what’s going on, and what WE are doing about it…and why we need all of OUR support
A pipeline of future Australian aviators
  • Take a look at what is happening to promote interest in aviation amongst our younger Australians, and how rewarding getting involved in this program can be
Flying RVs
  • So you think they are a piece of cake…and they are all just RVs? Think again. They are all very different
Private IFR rating – why not?
  • Get some insight into why gaining a PIFR rating can do so much to improve your aviation experience and de-stress those otherwise stressful flights; find out what’s involved
Migrating to and operating within a Pt 149 Environment
  • What’s involved and what it means for management teams and their members – the advantages, how it will feel, and busting the myths
Improving flight safety outcomes through delivery of affordable type transition training by those that know experimental category aircraft best
  • Hear how CASA and SAAA are working together to enable formal type transition training and conduct of AFRs by approved SAAA flight instructors
Pilot and aircraft risk assessment
  • Do you know where you are exposed – and what you need to focus on to keep you and your passengers safe?  Find out about SAAA’s risk Radar Aviation (RRAv)
Obtaining a Special Certification of Airworthiness Experimental
  • Who’s involved beyond the builder and who is responsible for what. All the “Did you know’s” called out and answered
Keeping elderly certified types up to scratch
  • As an Owner and if you are not a LAME – what you really need to know and who can best help you to cost effectively yet safely keep your aircraft airworthy
Australian General Aviation Alliance – AGAA
  • An Australian equivalent of the EAA – here is what AGAA is all about, what AGAA has achieved, who’s in the ring and, if you are not already in the ring, why you may want to be
  • An update from the CEO – what has been achieved in the last few years, and where we are headed
The gliding experience and Gliding Federation of Australia – GFA
  • You might be an AvGas head or JetA1 head – but if you’ve never experienced or understood the delight of flying on air – not even the smell of an oily rag: find out what it’s all about
Occurrence and Incident Reporting – Why?
  • Not exactly a subject that many want to talk about – but really – find out how you can help your mates out through letting people know what happened to you
SAAA Technical Counsellors Forum
  • A forum to review the roles, responsibilities and contribution of the SAAA TCs to building and maintaining aircraft – without our TCs, many builders will have a hard time. Find out what’s involved – a must participate for both TCs and owner builders / maintainers.
  • Up-skill, and enter a new world – what it takes, and how to go about it
Formation flying
  • The precision required of formation flying is second to none; the rewards are likewise second to none and takes you to a new level of pilot skill
Emergency Manœuvre Training (EMT)
  • Learn why EMT is something all pilots should consider.  Apart from up-skilling and have fun, you will never know when you may need it, and it could make a real difference if something one day doesn’t go your way.
Flight planning with EFBs
  • Hear from one of the leading EFB developers how to make the most of what’s available with your EFB and flight planning
Weather avoidance with EFBs
  • Find out the latest news around what is available on your EFB systems to acquire weather data and make good decisions on the ground and en-route
Surviving the big ditch
  • An astonishing first hand account of when the odds stacked up, and a ditching in the ocean in adverse weather conditions at night became inevitable. What happened, and the aftermath
Careers in the aviation industry
  • So what goes on in aviation? Its more than pilots. Hear about the huge variety and diversity of career opportunities in aviation, and what qualifications you need
A new breed of sophisticated yet affordable avionics
  • Find out about the latest avionics equipment options that will transform your cockpit  with enhanced flight information, systems management and navigation capabilities  -presented by Garmin Australia
Low cost ADSB-In solution
  • In the the spirit of the world experimental aircraft, find out how your situational awareness can be enhanced with ADSB-In for as little as $100
SAAA transformed and delivering more to its members
  • Hear from the President about how the SAAA has re-built its systems and is offering even more to its members than ever
Composites vacuum bagging techniques and demonstration
  • If you don’t how to do this, or want to brush up your skills – here’s an opportunity to see and find out how it is done