AusFly - A Traditional Aussie Fly-in

22nd-23rd March 2024

Wentworth Aerodrome - NSW


Seminars & Workshops



Seminars – These will be held in the Areoclub. Thank you to Avplan EFB for sponsoring this seminar area.

Workshops will be held next to the Exhibitor Hangar. Thank you to SAAA for sponsoring this workshop area

These will be run over the course of Friday (morning and afternoon), and on Saturday morning. There is something of interest for everybody.

Times and locations of these seminars and workshops can be viewed here (Please note that this program may change leading up to the event.). Event Program and Map

** Change in program as of 18th March 2024

Seminars – Friday 22nd March 2024

UPRTJeremy Miller  – Upset Prevention and Recovery Training is the new catch phrase in aviation, but what is it really? It is not Stalling and Spinning. Not Aerobatics. Not Unusual Attitude training. It is not what you expect, but it will keep you and your family safe. Are you prepared for a Loss of Control inflight?

**CASA – Rob Whittle  – Fuel for thought – Your safety is in your hands. Decisions in aviation rely on pilots as the last line of defence in preventing accidents and incidents. Making sound decisions and operating safely, through discussions on fuel exhaustion and starvation, decision making and a accident case study.

iOR Aviation – Jack Vicary iOR’s Development Manager will be providing an update on the new fuel that iOR have developed, Avpulp. This fuel is suitable for aircraft that are approved to use Mogas. Find out more by attending this informative seminar.

How AI is transforming aviation wildlife risk management – Stu McGraw will be presenting an overview on how to build a holistic wildlife data ecosystem that provides value to all stakeholders – airports, pilots, ATC and Government.

ATSB – Dr David Wilson – Caught in the Weather? – Dr Wilson will focus on understanding weather forecasts and some of the terminology and definitions used which pilots need to be aware of to remain clear of the weather. Valuable information to keep you safe. Not to be missed!

SAAA Update – A discussion with our President and board members of SAAA on how the organisation is progressing and the future. The panel discussion with cover topics such as Avmed and Innovation.

Sling Aircraft – High Wing and the Rotax916iS – presented by Errol van Rensburg – Errol will be providing feedback on the production and kit build of the Sling High Wing and performance impact of the Rotax 916iS.

What it takes to build a formation team and perform in a World renound event – Freedom Formation is the largest civilian display team in the Southern Hemisphere and was the highlight of the Pacific Airshow 2023. From initial conception, to flying in front of 300,000 spectators, the team has achieved a lot in a short time. Find out more about formation flying and why they do it every weekend.

Workshops – Friday 22nd March 2024

Plan, Build logisitcs and Maintenance – LAME and SAAA Board Member Myles Breitkreutz will be presenting to attendees the concept of deciding what type of aircraft to build, some logistics to consider when building using Risk Radar and tips and tricks to help with the maintenance of the aircraft. Come along and gain valauble information from Myles and of course ask anything you want.

HP Aviation Hoses – THE PLANES VEINS! – Aviation Hose Assembly Familiarisation – Jamie Hughes, Norm Edmonds and Greg McFarlane. This workshop is aimed at giving SAAA members an overview of what is needed to choose the right type of aerospace hoses for your application, ensuring that your aircraft operates efficiently and compliant to safety standards. The hands on event is aimed to give attendees a familiarisation of hose design, assembly methods and Q&A group discussion to help choose the right hoses for your application.

ATC Brief & Flight Planning Workshop – In this workshop, James will share with you some foundational knowledge about the basic classes of Controlled and Restricted airspace, how to get the best results from ATC and how do ATC’s make decisions and what really goes on behind the scenes.  This will be followed by a facilitated “Electronic Flight Bag” modern flight planning.  We are still taught how to flight plan on a bit of paper, but nobody actually does this anymore. Both AvPlan and OzRunways will be assisting you with your EFB in this workshop.

Seminars – Saturday 23rd March 2024

Getting the most from AvPlan EFB – This 90 minutes session will give you an update on how to get flying faster with AvPlan EFB. Learn the tips and tricks from the team behind the software.

OzRunways tutorial plus Q&A – OzRunways Tutorial and Matt Hall Presentation – Join our live EFB demonstration where we’ll cover the core features, give a sneak peek of what’s in development, and offer ample time at the end for individual Q&As. Plus, expect to hear from our ambassador and AusFly guest, Matt Hall!