AusFly - A Traditional Aussie Fly-in

17th - 20th October 2019


Gold Coin Donation on Entry

Seminars & Workshops

We are offering a comprehensive seminar, forum and workshop program for AusFly 2019.

We are planning on around 35 seminars, forums and workshops. These will be running over the course of Friday 18th October (morning and afternoon), and Saturday 19th October (morning only). There will be something of interest for everybody.

The sessions will be run in three locations:

  • Two Seminar Marquees – Seminars and Forums
  • SAAA Building – Workshops

The provisional program is filling up fast, but we will need to finalise the scope of this year’s contributions by 12th September 2019 – so please let us know soonest if you would like to be involved.

A huge thank you to all those who have already put their hand up for an AusFly seminar, forum and workshop programs. We look forward to others offering a contribution for AusFly 2019!

Also a big thank you to Garmin for sponsoring one of the marquees.

The provisional program is shaping up with a huge variety of topics. This will give everyone a flavour of what will be on offer, albeit still subject to change:

SAAA’s Flight Safety Advisor Program – Complete with SAAA appointed instructors delivering Type Transition Training

Find out about the re-launched Flight Safety Program and what this offers. In particular hear about the all new Type Transition Training Program – many brush transition training aside, but find out why you should not and how to go about keeping the odds in balance with the help of experienced SAAA pilots

The future of Australian General Aviation and the need to invigorate development of home grown Australian aviation professionals

Hear from one Australia’s best known and most experienced aviation professionals for a perspective on where Australian general aviation needs to be and how we as an industry need to get behind everything required to re-invigorate and secure the future of Australian aviation

Don’t Push It, Land It!

The presentation discusses several fatal fixed and rotary wing VFR into IMC (and night) accidents, where the crew had options that would have greatly increased their survivability. Last year at AUSFLY I presented on the ABC helicopter accident at Lake Eyre, which also forms a small part of this presentation

Why it’s worth thinking about an Instrument Rating and hear about what the Private (PIFR) option offers and what is involved

The practical, realistic and safe application of an instrument rating – there are some huge benefits from gaining an instrument rating. Hear about the Private (PIFR) Instrument Rating option and how the training syllabus, privileges and maintenance of a private rating differs from the commercial instrument rating. Hear about personal minima and some of the tricks and gotchas around airports without procedures, alternates, freezing conditions and thunderstorms.

The world of glass and carbon experimental aircraft – did you know?

What it takes to produce slippery sleek aircraft and the stunning performance that can be achieved

The status of Part 43 development – find out the latest around who, how and when general and sport aviators are likely to be affected

The development of Pt 43 continues and, as the proposal matures, some clarity around how and when maintainers and aircraft owners are likely to be affected is emerging. Hear about key elements of the proposal from the CASA team.

Part 149 has arrived and came in to effect on 14th July 2019 – hear about the current activities and what this means for sport aviators

Part 149 came into effect earlier this year, and is supplemented with the associated Manual of Standards. A number of sport aviation organisations have commenced the process to transition to Part 149. Hear an overview of the final legislation and what it will mean from a practical operational perspective for a Part 149 approved organisation.

Obtaining a Special Certification of Airworthiness Experimental

Who’s involved beyond the builder and who is responsible for what. All the “Did you knows” called out and answered

Keeping elderly certified types up to scratch

As an Owner and if you are not a LAME – what you really need to know and who can best help you to cost effectively yet safely keep your aircraft airworthy

Australian General Aviation Alliance – AGAA

AGAA is growing and now established – Catch up with news and join an open discussion around what AGAA is all about, it’s strategy and objectives

AOPA Forum

A discussion with the CEO – hear how the organisation continues to develop and advocacy remain at the forefront of AOPA’s activities. Find out about and talk about what’s gone on over the last year – and what’s coming next. Come ready to ask whatever you want!

The exhilarating sport of glider flying – and mainly without even the smell of an oily rag!

Did you know that gliders fly at speeds of up to 300kph, can cover distances of over 1,000km in a flying day and reach altitudes, and modern high performance competition glider may glide 60 km for every 1,000 feet of height? Don’t miss this story and come along to hear about these wonderful machines. And there’s more – the World Gliding Championships are coming to Narromine in 2022!

SAAA Technical Counsellors Forum (including a RiskRadar demo)

A forum to review the roles, responsibilities and contribution of the SAAA TCs to building and maintaining aircraft – without our TCs, many builders will have a hard time. Find out what’s involved – a must participate for both TCs and owner builders / maintainers. This session will also allow for a practical demonstration of how to use the Risk Radar risk assessment tool – RRAv


Up-skill, and enter a new world – what it takes, and how to go about it

The features just keep coming – AvPlan EFB

Find out the latest news around what is available on your EFB systems to acquire weather data and make good decisions on the ground and en-route

Choppers, rocks and crocs – A “Top End” experience

An unlooked for and life changing experience operating a helicopter more remotely than most commercial pilots will ever get. Take a look at a most beautiful part of our country

More new innovations and opportunities with sophisticated yet affordable avionics

Catch up with the rapidly evolving avionics options that offer transformation to any type of cockpit with enhanced situational awareness , navigation capabilities, systems management and safety.

SAAA Forum

Join the SAAA President for an open discussion around what’s been happening around SAAA in the last year. Bring your questions to the Forum – but try and come with some thoughts around – “it’s not just about what SAAA can do for you, it’s also about what you can do for SAAA

Flying the great Australian Outback Air Race on Zenith Zodiac 601 Experimental Category Aircraft

Finishing 4th overall, hear about the incredible 2,132 nm race from Archerfield to Broome, getting to and back from the start and finish and how this event supports the RFDS.

Air Traffic Control  – So you think you’ve heard it all? More busting of myths and all your questions answered

Here’s an opportunity to hear how air traffic controllers aim to work with anyone flying in pretty much anything that flies. This will be mainly a Q & A session, so bring your questions & stories

Composites 201: Vacuum bagging techniques and demonstration

An overview of vacuum bagging techniques demonstrating this is in not just for professionals, and can be done in the home garage/workshop environment. Yes – you can do this! Here’s an opportunity to find out how it is done.

Composites 202: Vacuum bag resin Infusion techniques and demonstration

An overview of vacuum bag resin infusion techniques demonstrating this is in not just for professionals, and can be done in the home garage/workshop environment. Yes – you can do this! Here’s an opportunity to find out how it is done.

Annual inspection – powerplant – An update for members who maintain their aircraft

Hear how to do the inspection on your Lycoming engine, compression checks, borescope, schedule 5 checklist, AD/ENG/4, sample logbook entries

Overhauling your own engine – You can overhaul your own engine!

Find out how we did it. Includes a demonstration of removing cylinders and reinstalling cylinders Richard Talbot and Glenn Hughes.

Building a Sopwith Camel – an Inside Story

Hear first-hand from someone who started out on this ambitious and absolutely fabulous project with limited building experience.  A classic example of the builder community working together to help Chris on his way and overcome some obstacles many wouldn’t imagine would arrive let alone be overcome.

A review of some exciting LSA kits

There are seriously interesting LSA kits out there – take a look at some of these, including the Adventurer II Amphibian which James is building and his recently completed Zenith CH750 STOL. If you’re looking or thinking of something different – this talk may whet the appetite

A practical demonstration on how to use the latest technology in fabric covering

No painting or spraying required – come and see this to believe it. The technology has application for new and re-cover projects and offers huge time savings. Come and check out the materials and see how it’s done. Don’t miss this one!

STOL – How exciting can STOL ops get? Find our just how much!

A fascinating and sometimes somewhat unbelievable account of what is possible with STOL aircraft and what it takes to get off and back on the ground in just a few metres

Young Aviators Building Project

A fascinating and sometimes somewhat unbelievable account of what is possible – building aircraft with youngsters is hugely rewarding for everyone. Recommended!