AusFly - A Traditional Aussie Fly-in

17th - 20th October 2019


Dinner Under the Stars

Our theme this year is Past, Present and Future and we have special guests speaking on each topic.  We also have award presentations and we will celebrate AOPA’s 70th birthday

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Come and join us, catch up with friends, meet new ones, relax and hear inspirational talks.

We have two speakers covering our theme.  Narromine Aviation Museaum and David Miles Associate Vice President and Head of Aviation Advisory – Asia Pacific at Landrum & Brown who are Global Aviation Planning and Development Consultants.

Past – Narromine greeted their first aviators in 1919, Wilson & McNamara (Arvo 504k) during first ‘peace loan’ tour and Wrigley & Murphy (BE.2e) during first trans-Australia survey flight. Now, 100 years on Narromine’s air activities have not slowed down with Narromine Gliding Club, Narromine Aero Club, Narromine Aviation Museum and many other aviation-based activities occurring onsite.

Present – We’ve come a long way, or have we?  A brief snapshot of some exotic aspects of the current development of the aviation system.  Topics range from a tour of some interesting places where aviation has not changed much in the last 50 years, to discussing some exciting tools for managing capacity in really densely trafficked environments. Feedback will also be provided on the operation of Certified Air/Ground services for the last 19 years, and some insight will be offered into how navigation of vessels in deep space affects aircraft navigation in our home planet.

Future – Drones are with us, we have all heard of urban airborne mobility, and air taxis are being test flown.  Melbourne has been chosen as a pilot city for first launch of Uber Air.  Disruptive technology is definitely coming to airspace near you. This presentation will provide an airport and airspace planner’s view of some things to come that could have far reaching impacts on traditional aviation activities.

We also have:

  • Aircraft judging awards
  • Other awards:
    • Longest distance flown to the event
    • Longest non-stop flight
    • Youngest and oldest persons flying in to the event
    • AOPA special awards
    • SAAA special awards


Tickets are available through our registration page.