AusFly - A Traditional Aussie Fly-in


Arrive on th 9th September for an evening welcome BBQ. Seminars will run all day on 10th September and in the morning only on 11th September. Community Airshow will take place in the afternoon 11th September and we will conclude with Dinner under the Stars also on 11th September. 12th September Depart.

In the light of COVID 19 we will continue to monitor the advise from the government and health officials.

Gold Coin Donation on Entry.

Static Aircraft Display

A number of aircraft from experimental, to gliders, and warbirds will be presented by their owners as part of the static display.

Chat with the owners and pilots who will be on hand from time to time during the event, and find out everything you want to know about some of these amazing flying machines.

Whilst we encourage visitors to take a close look at our aircraft, please be careful – there are often many sharp parts to the aircraft which can cause damage to yourself or the aircraft. There may also be opportunities to sit in the aircraft, but please do not attempt to do so without an aircraft owner being present to assist and supervise.


Participant Stories

Below are some behind the scenes stories from participants displaying their aircraft at AusFly.


Aircraft Owners

In prior years, we have been able to display a large number of aircraft representing the amazing variety of aircraft types that are part of the world of general and sport aviation.

At AusFly 2019, we were also able to display almost all of the Vans RV type lineage and all of the Lancair line. We hope to do similar at AusFly 2021 and are on track to do so.

If you have an aircraft that you would like to include in the Static Aircraft Display – fixed wing, rotary, glider, vintage or replica Warbird, or any other interesting aircraft – please let us know.  And if you are prepared to spend some time, every now and then at the event, talking to visitors about your aircraft – we would welcome your contribution.  Contact the AusFly team at